Welcome to Clinik TJ, the dental clinic specialized in building smiles. We will welcome you with clean, safe and comfortable facilities.

Our due care, attention and professionalism make Clinik TJ the best dental clinic in Tijuana to provide service to children and adults.

The best treatments at your disposal so you don’t have to limit your smile.

A dental clinic has to have the main treatments that patients seek to improve their oral health, as well as the specialized ones. Get to know the treatments we offer:

We maintain the hygiene and health of your teeth with basic and deep cleanings, as well as whitening treatments.


We straighten your dentition with personalized braces to improve your dental health and make you smile to the fullest.

Dental crowns

We protect damaged teeth by covering them with resistant materials like porcelain, metal or zirconia.

Dental implants

We apply dental prosthesis on teeth that require it to complete the bite so that chewing doesn’t represent a problem.

Root canal

We save teeth with painful infection by cleaning canals, removing the damaged pulp and filling it with biocompatible material.

Oral rehabilitation

We check your dentition and choose the procedures that will improve your oral health. We adjust to your needs.


Children’s Dentist:

No stress or pain

Our dentists are friendly and careful when treating children. We think it’s important that kids have a nice experience at every appointment, without stress or discomfort, so that they don’t grow up fearing the dentist visit.


Dentist in Tijuana:

Invest in your smile

Your oral health is a long-term investment. Going to the dentist to maintain your physical and mental well-being is the best decision. We accept your insurance and attend all our patients with the same care. We want you to look and feel better.

Entrust your well-being and oral health to the experts in dentistry. Your smile deserves the best treatment.


Dentist in your language:

Bilingual service for locals and visitors

Since 2009, and thanks to our location, we have specialized in attending visitors form the United States, Canada and Mexico. We offer the best quality standards and bilingual service, first-class facilities, and we are just 5 minutes away from San Ysidro’s International Border.

Main reasons to go to the dentist:

Hygiene: An ideal oral hygiene keeps your mouth and dentition healthy. Having good habits with your body is equal to short and long-term well-being.


Health: Oral hygiene causes good health, which means that you’re avoiding diseases or problems that otherwise would put your smile at risk.


Aesthetic: Your physical well-being has great influence on your confidence and health. When your mouth feels fresh and healthy, there is no other way to express it than smiling.


Why Clinik TJ?

We are the best clinic at your disposal. Our expertise, attentiveness and first-class facilities will make Clinik TJ your dental clinic.

We stand out for our excellent attention. We listen to your concerns, reason why we adjust your visit and treatment to your needs.

Make your appointment today so that you and your family can smile to the fullest.