The clinic that specializes in providing the right dental solutions to each patient.

We are a dental office in Tijuana with nine years of experience building smiles.

In 2009, Clinik TJ opened their facilities to provide dental services in Tijuana, México.

Clinik TJ offers you:
Specialized dentists

We have a team of 5 dentists, with certification to practice in each area.

Quality equipment and facilities

We maintain our facilities impeccable in order to provide an excellent service.

Adequate treatment

We analyze the situation of each patient and propose the right solution.

Bilingual attention

We speak English and Spanish.

A beautiful smile

Our main goal is to make you smile.


Our clinic is just 5 minutes away from San Ysidro’s Port of Entry

Has easy access and 3 parking lots

We provide all the services, such as oral rehabilitation, orthodontics, periodontology, root canal and dental implants to maintain the oral health of our clients. Our personnel are bilingual, reason why language won’t stand between you and your health. Since our beginnings until today, we have been acknowledged by Mexican patients and patients that come from the US and Canada to get their appointments with us.


Our dentists have certifications for the area they cover

Ready to work on your smile

We have odontologists, pediatric dentists, orthodontists and other specializations to give you the certainty we are the experts. Our personnel are qualified to give you the best attention, to be careful with the proceedings and to prioritize your well-being.

Coming to Clinik TJ is easy, simple and quick:

1. Schedule: Call us to make an appointment with the best dentists.


1. Come: Assist to your appointment to receive the appropriate care and treatment.


1. Smile: You are with the experts.

Meet the Clinik TJ team:

Dr. César Ortíz

Dental Surgeon


Dra. Andrea García

Dental Surgeon


Dra. Irma Molina



Dr. Levid Torres

Dental Implants


Armando Silva



Dra. Doris Luna



Treatment according to your needs

Each case is different

We know how important is for our patients to go to a place where they know the attention is the best and where they are getting the right solution to their problem. In Clinik TJ, we can guarantee that our dentists are experts in their job, and that the proposed solutions are the ideal ones for each patient.


First-class facilities and equipment

Where Downtown Tijuana starts

For us, it is very important to give our clients the best attention. This is why the clinic has quality equipment and advanced technology. The cleanliness of the place is impeccable and we keep our materials under the highest hygiene standards. Clinik TJ’s team knows what your concerns are and is prepared to offer you the best solution.


We accept your insurance

We adapt to your needs

Contact us to get to know our payment plan and how we handle the insurances of our patients. We think everyone should have access to a good oral hygiene, so we are accessible and always at our client’s disposal.

We think that a clinic is also made up by its patients, reason why it is vital to keep them satisfied with their visit. We are more than dentists. We are smile-builders.