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The clinic that offers all dental services carried out by specialized dentists.

The dental clinic in Tijuana that offers you crowns, orthodontics, tooth whitening, pediatric dentistry and personalized treatments.


Root Canal

We save infected teeth when the pulp has received irreversible damage

We replace the pulp with biocompatible material, which helps in keeping the tooth and eliminating any pain. Root canal is required when cavities have reached the soft tissue of the tooth and treating them is no longer the best option to end with the pain and repair the damage.



We straighten unaligned teeth with the help of braces

This is not an aesthetic treatment only. By rearranging the teeth position, we also correct the bite, avoid jaw problems and close gaps that cause discomfort when eating or speaking, among other complications. These treatments have to be planned according to the specific features of each person, so it is very important that you go to a professional that can guarantee your satisfaction.


Crowns, Bridges and Veneers

Let’s recover your smile

We apply top-quality fixed dental prosthesis, and do so with a perfect technique to fix your damaged teeth. Crowns are applied to totally cover a critically damaged tooth or a dental implant. Bridges are used to replace a missing tooth. Veneers cover the front-face of a stained or worn down tooth to improve its appearance.

We are the best dental clinic in Tijuana. Our excellent dental treatments and our kindness will prove it to you since the first appointment.


Teeth Whitening

We offer dental whitening as an aesthetic solution for your dentition

The treatment consists in eliminating or diminishing stains in teeth, as well as to lighten their tone. It is important to speak with your dentist first, since teeth whitening works in different ways for each person.


Pediatric Dentistry

We straighten your kids teeth with brackets

Our treatments are for every member of the family, including the younger ones, to whom we give our special and patient attention. We treat cavities, perform teeth cleaning and place orthodontics devices to guide and correct the position of teeth at an early age. Taking the kids to the dentist is helping them to avoid complications as adults.


Didn’t find the treatment you are looking for?

Don’t worry; these are not the only treatments we offer. We will analyze your specific situation and select the aesthetic and therapeutic solutions that fit you. In Clinik TJ, we help our patients to recover their oral health and comfort. We work with patience, respect and professionalism. Contact us to solve your doubts and get to know us better.

In Clinik TJ we offer a complete care to improve the oral health of your family.